Organic Blackstrap Molasses

What Is The Difference Between Molasses And Blackstrap Molasses? 

Molasses is the dark, syrupy liquid that remains when sugar cane is made into white sugar. Regular molasses is produced from the 1st or 2nd boiling of cane sugar syrup whereas blackstrap is the 3rd boiling of the syrup. Do avoid getting it mixed up with lighter grades of molasses on the market. They might be significantly sweeter compared to blackstrap molasses, however they don’t even come close when you are considering mineral and vitamin content.

What Is The Big Deal Regarding Organic Blackstrap Molasses?

It’s not only a fat-free sweetener. It is extremely concentrated with all the minerals and vitamins which get left out in the sugar producing procedure. That’s the reason it makes a really great nutritional supplement.
You may not like it right out of the container, but someone has rightly said that not all brands are created equal! Be sure to use quality organic brands as they taste much better. They don’t leave that bitter aftertaste that many non-organic brands do. We will address that more later. I have found that you soon get used to the taste and begin to enjoy it. Also remember, the benefits far out weigh the taste if you find it unpleasant!

What type of Molasses Do I Need To Select?

Unsulfured organic blackstrap molasses definitely wins! Why unsulfured? Sulfur is a harmful chemical ingredient which is used as a preservative. Some individuals have sulfur sensitivities, therefore it is advisable to avoid it. There are numerous unsulfured brands available on the market currently, so that should not be an issue. When you are checking the content label to be certain your molasses is unsulfured, be sure it is organic also. Always going organic is very crucial. This is exactly why… Organic cane is far more likely grown in more mineral rich soil than non-organic cane. Because of this, it’s going to probably be higher in nutrients. Contrary to organic cane, non-organic cane could be treated with chemical sprays and fertilizers.
And as if that’s not bad enough, it has been reported that sugar cane harvesters of non-organic sugar cane may also use additional chemicals to make the sugar cane leaves fall off. Applying these chemicals helps make the sugar cane much easier to harvest, but there’s a high probability some of the chemical residues can wind up in your molasses! We certainly don’t need that!

What Nutrients Will You Get In One Tablespoon Of Organic Blackstrap Molasses?

Calcium (115 mg) – About 10 % of your RDA (RDA = recommended daily allowance) Magnesium – Approximately 8 % of your RDA
Potassium (730 mg) – about 20 percent of the RDA.
Vitamin B – Molasses is high in vitamin B complex. B vitamins are important for  helping your body cope with stress.
Chromium – Your body uses chromium to help keep your blood sugar levels stable. You’ll find a fair amount of this trace mineral in molasses
Other Minerals – Molasses also contains manganese, copper, and selenium
60 calories
14 grams of carbohydrates
Iron – 4.5 mg which makes it a much better (and less fattening) source of iron than red meat! Your body is able to absorb the iron from molasses well, so it’s an ideal iron supplement for vegans, vegetarians, pregnant women, people with anemia, or anyone else who needs more iron.

Very impressive, right?

Next time we will discuss more benefits of organic blackstrap molasses. Stay tuned!

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A Few Benefits Of Organic Blackstrap Molasses

As promised in my last post, here are more benefits that you may experience with the use of organic blackstrap molasses.

Organic Blackstrap Molasses Could Help With…

Anemia – Should you be experiencing the constant tiredness associated with iron-deficiency anemia, it can improve and help you really feel full of energy again.

Grey hair – It has been said that using molasses frequently may help your greying hair go back to its previous color. To my knowledge, scientific studies do not exist to prove it, but some people say it definitely works.

Arthritis – I have heard that supplementing by using blackstrap molasses can help to ease your stiff joints. This is most likely because of the high calcium content.

Menstrual Bleeding And Cramps – See this lady’s video testimony on my “How This Lady Helped Her Menstrual Bleeding And Cramps” post

Your Calcium Needs – Blackstrap molasses is a very good source of calcium. Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body. Just two teaspoons of blackstrap molasses will meet 11.8% of your daily requirement for calcium.

More health benefits may include: reduced swollen extremities as a result of poor circulation, nose bleeds, constipation, acne, canker sores, eczema and psoriasis, and anxiety. This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there are many more benefits that could be experienced associated with the vitamins and minerals found in blackstrap molasses. 

Delicious Methods Of Adding Molasses To Your Menu

In case you are at all like me and enjoy the flavor of blackstrap molasses, just eat it straight out of the container! :)

Not for you? OK, try this…

Adding it in your morning breakfast cereal.

Making it into a tasty warm drink by adding
One To Three teaspoons to warm or hot whole milk, almond milk,
coconut milk, or some other milk type beverage of your choosing.
Should you not wish to use molasses with milk, try mixing it with
water (warm or cold).

Use it to replace some of the sugar or other sweeteners in your favorite
recipes. It tastes wonderful in breads, cookies, as well as gingerbread.

Adding it in your smoothies.

Also you can try putting it into some freshly squeezed orange juice.

Adding it to baked beans will provide additional taste.

One tbsp Organic Blackstrap Molasses
Hot Water
3/4 cup whole milk, almond milk, or coconut milk

Put the molasses in a glass and add enough hot water to cover the molasses. Stir. Add ice and then top off with the milk of your choice. It is great blended too!

This is certainly not a complete list of ways to add organic blackstrap molasses to your diet, but maybe these methods will help you come up with some ideas that you can implement.

What Is The Best Amount To Take?

Be moderate, don’t have the mindset that “if a little is good, more is better”!

Also, remember molasses does contain sugar, so you definitely don’t want to overdo it. One or two tablespoons a day should be fine for most people.

If you have diabetic issues or maybe are on a sugar restricted diet, make sure you consult with your doctor or health care professional before using extra sweeteners.

Are You Concerned About Iron Levels?

Add a mixed variety of foods that are rich in iron to your diet – for example organic dried apricots, prunes, lentils, raisens, etc.

Remember, don’t depend on just one food item to meet your needs. Use a varity as well as  good supplements.

How Long Can You Store Molasses?

Molasses should last 2 years or longer if it is unopened – opened probably about six months. After you open it, freshness can be prolonged by being sure the bottle cap is tight and by storing in your pantry or fridge. I just store mine on the countertop because we use up a 16 oz. bottle fairly quick plus it is handy when you need it! :)

As stated before, blackstrap molasses is certainly not a silver bullet or cure all, but it can be a great supplement you can use as you pursue better health.

Check back for more posts as we travel along Healthy Trails!!

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